Who am I – Let’s get to know me!

Discovering My Path: From Dreaming of Teaching to Embracing Digital Marketing

In my first article on this blog, I’m thrilled to present myself and share my journey. From a young age, my dreams oscillated between becoming a teacher or a doctor, fueled by a passion for helping others. However, my true calling unfolded as I discovered the creative realm of digital marketing.

Currently pursuing my Master’s in Digital Marketing at Complutense University in Madrid, I am also delving into the world of teaching during my free time. Providing online Slovak language classes to Spanish individuals and those in Latin America has allowed me to taste the fulfillment of the teaching profession.

Reflecting on my kid job experiences, I started my journey with roles at Coccinelle and as a Hostess on Medical Congresses. These early experiences, while less pivotal, laid the foundation for my diverse skill set.

In my role as an Assistant and Social Media Administrator at A-medi Management in Bratislava, Slovakia, I contribute to projects like Medconnect and Týždeň prevencie. I attend international medical events to promote our projects, manage company profiles on Medconnect’s network, and handle the social media side of Medconnect.

In my previous roles, including Public Relations and Entertainer at Valentin Playa de Muro and Valentin Park Club, Mallorca, Spain, and Administrative Assistant at Tatra Banka a.s. in Bratislava, Slovakia, I honed my skills and gained valuable insights into various sectors.

Education-wise, I hold a Bachelor’s Degree in International Business from the University of Economics in Bratislava, with an Erasmus+ Mobility experience at CUNEF.

I’m fluent in Slovak/Czech, English (B2), and Spanish (C1), and I have a nice level in german too . As I conclude my master’s studies, I’m eager to embrace the dynamic field of digital marketing. But here’s where I need your help: In the comments, share your thoughts on whether you see me more as a doctor, a teacher, or a digital marketing specialist.

I’m excited to hear your perspectives!


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