to a special section on my website dedicated to showcasing my creative work. Here, I’m excited to present a variety of designs, captivating photos, and engaging videos that have played vital roles in different campaigns. Whether I worked on these projects independently or collaborated with a team, each piece tells a story of its own.

These creations not only highlight my creative abilities but also provide a glimpse into the collaborative and individual aspects of my professional journey.

I’m sharing this work not only as a visual journey but also as a demonstration for future clients or employers, providing a tangible example of the skills and creativity I bring to the table. So, take a moment, immerse yourself in this array of creativity, and enjoy a visual journey that offers insights into the diverse and dynamic aspects of my professional portfolio.

Book campaign

I led a significant online campaign for Dr. Jozef Zahumensky’s new book in Slovakia. Managing the entire process, I was responsible for creating promotional videos and engaging posts. Additionally, I designed and curated content for the campaign’s dedicated website, www.porodime.sk, showcasing my skills in campaign strategy, content creation, and digital marketing.

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Family photos

While working in Mallorca’s hotel industry, I provided a service offering private photoshoots to our guests. Here are a few samples of the moments I’ve had the privilege to capture. If you’re interested in viewing the complete portfolio or discussing photography services, please feel free to contact me. Your memories, expertly preserved through my lens.