Delighted to welcome you to my online space.

I’m Viktória Širková—exploring, creating, and sharing my journey with you.

About me

I am 23 years old, and I just started my life in Spain. At the age of 16, I began building my professional life with the motivation to learn more than traditional schooling offers. While my ideal professions were teaching and medicine, my first internship was in the Marketing department, where I discovered my true passion. I initiated my university studies in Slovakia, specifically pursuing a degree in international entrepreneurship with a specialization in economics. In the second year of my program, I felt the need to explore and learn more, so I went on Erasmus to Madrid. At that moment, my life completely changed, and my goal became to always learn from the best, beyond the confines of my home country. Now, having completed my undergraduate studies, I relocated to Madrid and enrolled in the first master’s program of my life.

Work experience

  • Live Med Iberia – Digital Marketing Intership

  • A-medi management – Marketing Assistant

  • Tatra banka – Administrative Assistant

  • Valentin hotels – Entertainer & Social Media Administrator



  • Complutense University in Madrid – Master in Digital Marketing

  • University of Economics in Bratislava – Bachelor in Economics & International Enterpreneurship

  • CUNEF – Erasmus+ program

  • F.G. Lorca institute – Bilingual Spanish program


  • Slovak – Native level

  • Czech – Native level

  • Spanish – Advanced level (C1)

  • English – Upper-Intermediate (B2)

  • German – Pre-Intermediate (A2)

Where am I from?

I was born in Slovakia and a lifelong resident of Bratislava, I hold dual nationality due to my Czech mother. This enriches my life with a blend of Slovak and Czech influences, shaping a nuanced personal narrative.

Why did I choose spanish?

Opting for Spanish as my language of choice, I sought to diversify my linguistic skills beyond the ubiquitous realm of English. In a world where English is commonplace, I aimed to unlock new opportunities and perspectives by embracing the richness of the Spanish language, paving the way for a broader and more distinctive range of experiences.